17 Mysteries Scientists Can NOT Explain


#6. Why are left handed people so few?

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Most of us know at least one left handed person and we always find it interesting when we see them write or do some other task that is typically done with the right hand. We even feel sorry for them sometimes for living in a world built for right handed people.

So why are they left handed in the first place? As you may of guessed by now, no one even our favorite scientists have any idea. There is a vague clue to genes, but as we already mentioned, scientist do not have a complete understanding of genes and have no way of proving that. And what is most interesting is that all statistics ever made point to a constant rate of about 10% of the population being left handed, and has not changed.

While trying to find an answer to this mystery scientists have stumbled onto another mystery, and that is “why do humans have a dominant hand and a dominant foot to begin with”.

And while science has yet to provide the answer, the world is still being forged for right handed people, and many left handed kids are being forced to use their right hands instead.

#7. Why is the sun’s atmosphere hotter than it’s surface?

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Yet another modern mystery that has been uncovered recently. With their modern toys scientists have measured the temperature of the sun’s surface and it stands at about 6 000 degrees Celsius. That is hot enough to incinerate or melt anything you could think of instantly (Yes the Terminator too, he won’t even have time to do that iconic thumbs up). So thousands of degrees sound hot, but millions of degrees sound even hotter. And that is the temperature measured in the sun’s atmosphere.


So how is this even possible, the heat is coming from the sun, and yet it is cooler than its surroundings? Scientists have mumbled something about “greenhouse gasses” and “carbon dioxide pressure”, but those are just guesses.

The sun is keeping this mystery in the dark and is up to us to shine some light over it someday.

#8. The placebo effect

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One of the oldest mysteries around. This is the name we gave to the strange phenomenon of our bodies positive reaction to fake medicine. The fact is that when you ingest a headache pill usually it is not the pill that stops the headache, and you would’ve gotten the same result from a sugar lump.

Scientists have a theory that when we take the medicine, our brain assumes that things are going to get better and it is no longer necessary to ring any bells and whistles. However the placebo effect had been observed in cases where hearth conditions had improved and asthma related problems have faded, and even limb injuries have improved after a fake surgery, which contradicts this theory.

As it looks like, our minds are pretty naive and can easily be tricked. In some researches the subjects were being told that a cream would be applied to them that hurts, and while a completely normal ointment is being applied the pain receptors in their brains start firing like that thing really hurts.
This and many other cases have become the basis for the belief that the human mind has the ability to heal and regenerate the body, and do all kinds of other wonders. While this is also unproven, it doesn’t stop me to mentally focus everyday on losing my belly and increasing the size of some of my body parts.


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