17 Mysteries Scientists Can NOT Explain


#12. How do magnets work?

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That is a mystery? Really? I mean we know how they work, you get them near to metal things and they attract them. We have even seen graphics  explaining magnetic fields and their connection to electricity. And we have even stated the electro-magnetic force as one of the four primary forces in our universe! So where’s the mystery?

OK, so the truth is we know quite a lot about magnets and how they work. Actually this article is being written and red on machines that were designed with some very deep understanding on the magnet’s workings. But one little things has eluded scientific explanation. What is that you ask? Well it is the way that magnetic poles are formed.

So you have a magnet, it has a positive and a negative pole, fair enough. One would guess that by splitting the magnet in half, a result will be one positive and one negative piece. Wrong guess. The result of this would be two magnets each of which with its own positive and negative poles. Splitting those into more pieces, the result remains the same. Each consecutive smaller piece immediately gets a positive and a negative pole.

It is worth mentioning that while our beloved scientists have no explanation for this, they have managed to create in their labs some unique magnets that are exclusively positive or negative. We’ll take that as a compensation for not being able to explain how regular magnets work.

#13. What is déjà vu?

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Déjà vu in French means “previously seen”. A lot have had this strange sensation of perceiving current events as such that have already happened and have been experienced.

Some people believe, that it is a proof that we have lived past lives. Others believe that these are events that people have foreseen in their dreams or other altered states of consciousness. But these are all explanations suitable for the average Buddhist gatherings and are far away from being provable with science. So what do scientists say? Well by now I am sure you know what they say.

They have carried out numerous studies on this matter with no definitive answers. The closest guess they have has somethings to do with corrupted memories, just like a corrupted file on your hard drive. The theory is that a certain memory in the brain was not recorded properly and some information is lost. At some point a person is experiencing something that has similarities with that corrupted memory. So the brains digs up that old memory to compare it to this new experience, and while reading it, it reaches that corrupted part and since it can not recollect any data from that portion it starts filling it with the new experience. And that is how you get the feeling that you have experienced this before, at least in theory.

The fact that the brain really tends to fill gaps with familiar things while processing visual data and dreaming (we’ll get to that later on). And this has been designed into some of our attempts into creating artificial intelligence. Google’s Deep Dream is doing just that, it is kind of fun to watch how a computer algorithm sees puppies in certain groups of pixels. However we can not be sure if the déjà vu is caused by this feature in our brain. Science has yet to provide an explanation backed with proof for this phenomenon. Wait… that is a déjà vu!


#14. The jelly rain

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Now that is one mystery that a lot of you may never heard of. It is an event that happened way back in 1994 in Oakville, Washington in the heart of the USA. So what happened that day is rain, but not just any ordinary rain, it was raining jelly.

It was a bizarre event that sprouted quite a few theories. One of them was that such jelly rains occur after a meteor showers, so the local people quickly named it “star jelly”. But I think I prefer the name that Germans gave it, which is “Star Snot”.

As funny as it sounds it is a full blown mystery, finding the answers to which has proven rather difficult. The substance was reported to disintegrate upon a touching, and evaporated quickly.
Scientist did manage to obtain some and study it. They found two well known types of bacteria within the goo, one of which is typically found in the human digestive system. Instead of providing answers they raised even more questions.

Some weird explanations followed, like exploding spacemen and remains of frogs that burst in mid-air… But within 24 hours a mass flu broke out among the population of the town. There is no proof for a link between these two events, but it just seems natural that the epidemic is due to the jelly rain. Too bad that back in those days the chem trail theory was not around… I mean you can perfectly explain this with a plane that is sprinkling us with nasty stuff from the sky, but somehow the spray nozzles malfunctioned and sprayed large snots instead of fine mist. Hmm, I think I came up with a pretty viable theory for this mystery.

#15. Why do we dream?

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Because we sleep? No that is not a good answer. Even worse, you may ask “then why do we sleep”? Well don’t because it is also a mystery, and we are already at number one in our list, and there is no more room for additional mysteries, period!

The father of modern day Psychology – Sigmund Freud and many of his followers believe, that dreams are the way for our deepest (and usually suppressed) desires to be experienced. It is a good explanation for nice dreams but what about nightmares?

A more scientific theory is that dreams are the brains way of arrange its memories correctly. Think of it like a desk. During the night you have opened several folders and taken out some of their contents, written a few notes, put a few stick-it papers with phone numbers and appointments on the monitor. So your work time ends, you get out of the office and your nice assistant starts to put everything back together, create new folders for the new information, and then neatly arrange everything in the file cabinet for future use. Scientists do think that in this stage some errors may occur (due to not enough sleep or some other causes), the same errors we spoke about that might be causing the  déjà vu. But just as every other theory in this list, it is unproven.

Now hippies, gurus and generally all spiritual people, like the idea that during dreaming our astral projection is roaming though countless galaxies, universes and dimensions. It seems my astral projection doesn’t like getting too far away, because all my dreams usually take place on this planet.


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