Did you know that a 10 year old girl got in trouble with the police after drawing a…

Photo for illustration purposes only. Source:
Photo for illustration purposes only. Source:

Children are known for their carelessness and irresponsibility, which can cause trouble. And sometimes even an innocent game can turn into the Crying Game. However, in this case the child didn’t do anything wrong, but still got mixed up with the police.

10 year old Lilly Allen drew a hopscotch grid with some chalk on the pavement just outside her home in Ramsgate, Kent. As she began to play the game, police officers pulled her up and warned her that she was doing something illegal in drawing on the street, which the police considered to be criminal damage. Lilly’s father told the press that he was furious with the police officers and that he had filed a complaint against the Kent police department, who were investigating to find out the identities of the officers.


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