Did you know that a bride married a guest after the groom…


Weddings can be stressful. Fights are being picked up as the big date approaches, people are getting cold feet…and just when things can’t get any worse, the groom decides to bail his own wedding.


Fortunately, there are generous and sympathetic people from the guest list, who save the day.
Reportedly, an Indian wedding went wrong when the groom decided to bail the happiest day of his life. Allegedly the bride’s family had an argument with the groom the day before the wedding. Apparently the fight was so big that he decided not to show up at the wedding. Fortunately for the bride and her family, a 30 year old guest was kind enough to ask for her hand. For unknown reasons the woman accepted the offer and the wedding happened after all.

According to reports, the bride’s family was more than relieved since there was no need of rescheduling the wedding date. And apparently, they’re also happy with the new groom.



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