Did you know that a burglar who stole a sound system got busted after ret….


Criminals seem to forget some of the most important rules in the handbook these days – don’t get caught and don’t return to the crime scene.


Official reports state that Carlos Ruiz was caught on a surveillance camera while breaking into a house in Haddon Township, New Jersey. It didn’t take long before the 42 year old Ruiz made a run for it with a sound system and several other personal belongings of his victim. Unfortunately for the man, he didn’t pay too much attention to what he was stealing, because he forgot to grab the sound system’s remote control in the hurry. However, instead of trying to find another alternative to the problem, the criminal decided to return to the crime scene. As he returned to the house half an hour later, he was caught by police officers.


Of course, Ruiz could have just fled without the remote control, but he would have caused great discomfort for the stereo’s new owner.


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