Did you know that a Chinese man came back to life during his…


A 45 year old man from Hubei, a province in Eastern China, was believed to have passed away until he came back from the dead at his own funeral.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Several months ago, 45 year old Guo Liu went for some drinks with friends. The heavy smoker, who consumed up to 2 packs of cigarettes a day, collapsed while he was out. As he was a known prankster, his friends at first thought he was joking. However, they soon realized the man wasn’t breathing and called an ambulance. He was hospitalized immediately and doctors diagnosed a serious brain hemorrhage. After a 3 month stay in the hospital, he was pronounced dead. Liu’s 40 year old wife and his nearest and dearest were holding his funeral when suddenly Liu came back to life. According to official reports, the funeral attendees saw tears in the “dead” man’s eyes.
The man was immediately sent to hospital and taken into intensive care. According to a hospital spokesperson, Liu’s case was something the medics hadn’t seen before. The doctors are still waiting for him to recover, although they believe his mobility, memory and speech will be affected by the events.


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