Did you know that A coffee fan spent $100k on visiting every…


Rafael Lozano, professionally known as Winter, is a freelance software programmer and a huge coffee enthusiast who once drank 29 cups of coffee in a day. But his love for coffee doesn’t end with downing dozens of cups each day.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Mr. Winter is actually traveling around the globe in order to visit every Starbucks shop that’s out there. He had the idea of starting something unique and extraordinary back in 1997. He was enjoying the Starbucks products in Texas and decided to take on the extremely hard task of visiting all 17,000 Starbucks coffee shops on the planet. At the present time, he has managed to visit a total of 11,700. He claims he even spent $1,400 in order to fly to British Colombia for a shop that was about to close down. He says he can see himself growing old and still visiting Starbucks shops as part of his task.


The strange part is that the man doesn’t really like the Starbucks coffee that much; he just wants to finish what he started.


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