Did you know that a doctor in the UK told a girl with a broken leg to…


When doctors tell you to “walk it off” or that you’ll eventually “grow out of it”, the alert is usually something trivial as a bruise or a phobia of something stupid, such as chickens. However, that wasn’t the case of 9 year old Lucy Holmes from Bilton, UK.


Earlier this year Lucy and a friend of hers were roller skating and Lucy fell when she tried to dodge a pothole. She managed to avoid the hole, but injured herself badly. When her parents took her to the hospital, she had to wait six hours before receiving any medical help. And if that’s not enough, the girl was told to just walk it off by a doctor at the Hull Royal Infirmary emergency room. She returned home without even being given an X-ray. Since her pain didn’t go away, her parents sought further help. It turned out her leg had been fractured.
Allegedly, a spokesman of the hospital lightly deflected the subject when asked about the case.


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