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Did you know that A guy is keeping a real life horse on the balcony of his apartment in order to…


You wouldn’t want to leave your lawnmower unattended, let alone your horse – that’s the strong logic of a Polish guy named Borys Kozlowski.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

Mr. Kozlowski wanted to mow the lawn in front of his apartment building in Grajewo, Poland. A friend of his suggested Borys should get a horse to do the dirty work instead of a mower, so Borys borrowed a horse from his friend. Shortly after the lawn was “mowed” Borys realized his friend wasn’t going to get to the address in time in order to collect his beloved animal, so he had to keep it safe until his owner came. In order to save it from any potential thieves the guy decided that leaving the horse unattended on his balcony would be a better idea that leaving it on the lawn. And so Borys walked the horse through his apartment and up on his balcony leaving it there.


An amused passerby took a snapshot of the animal on the balcony, which later made its way into the headlines. 


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