Did You Know That A Man Has Implanted Magnetic Headphones In His Ears And Became…


Rich Lee decided to undertake an interesting project – he implanted magnetic headphones into his ears. Though Mr Lee completed his project himself, this somewhat drastic solution to common headphone problems such as having to replace them too often, is not to be tried at home.


The main idea of these headphone implants is to listen to music and podcasts, but Lee is planning to expand the project. He wants to make a connection with his phone’s GPS and get the directions right into his head. He wants to listen to conversations with a directional microphone, hooked up the earlobe-phones. Moreover he wants to connect this microphone to a voice stress analysis application in order to recognize if people are lying.


But after continuing with these plans, he needs to work some more on the headphones, because they are still not perfect due to various stimuli that affect the sound quality.


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