Did you know that a man was hit by a train in Kansas and….


A man in Kansas was hit by a train while he was walking on the railroad tracks. The local authorities say the 25-year-old man named Kristopher Wenberg got up after the accident and continued walking.


Wenberg was wearing headphones and didn’t hear the train coming behind him. The train conductor lowered the speed and blew the train’s horn to warn the man but he didn’t hear the whistle because of the headphones.

The train hit the man, who just got up in his feet, and made a phone call while he was walking away. Wenberg visited a hospital where medics treated some cuts on his shoulder and legs. As it is illegal to walk on train tracks, Wenberg will be charged for criminal trespassing.


What is the moral of the story? Be very careful when you wear headphones and walk on railroad tracks.


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