Did you know that a pet owl is forcing her owner into watching….


Pets can be lovable and adoring if you treat them well. Unfortunately, they can also be a pain in the neck such as this capricious and head-strong pet owl.
A British woman has taken the whole Harry Potter thing way too serious after taking in an unusual pet. However, instead of naming her pet owl Hedwig after the famous snow white owl from the Harry Potter series, 22 year old Natasha Welch has named her companion Haru. The Asian brown wood breed has been living with Natasha for the past 7 months and it appears it has taken up to her as its own mother by turning towards Natasha for food, water, and…TV. That’s right, Haru the owl loves watching TV. The owl’s favorites include tennis, Star Wars and Madagascar and Natasha is getting really fed up with her pet’s whims.

However, Haru is good for one more thing except for keeping Natasha a company and it’s not bringing the mail. The owl’s owner told the media he’s great when it comes to her Owl About Art project with children.


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