Did you know that a Polish man dressed up as Gandaf and stopped a tram in order to…


Some fans just can’t get enough of seeing their favorite book being turned into a movie. And one such crazy fan took the meaning of LARP to a whole new level.


An incredibly hilarious YouTube video shows an unnamed Polish guy and his gang dressed as LOTR characters as they stopped a tram in order to re-create a scene from The Fellowship of the Ring. The footage shows a man dressed as the famous Gandalf, who’s stopping a moving tram with a wooden stick. And just when you think things can’t get more absurd and hilarious, a group of running “hobbits” emerges from nowhere as the man recites Gandalf’s famous line “You shall not pass!” just before “Frodo” screams “Gandalf, no!” The man continues the famous conversation, replying “Run, you fools!” just before the tram-drivers comes out of the tram.


Gandalf is something you don’t see every day. And even if you do see the famous White wizard, he surely won’t be as absurd and funny as this group of Polish Tolkien fans.


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