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Did you know that a thief swallowed an insane amount of stolen goods in…


A Polish thief took extreme measures in order to avoid prison by swallowing an insane number of stolen possessions.

source: Pasco's Sherriff Department
source: Pasco’s Sherriff Department

According to official reports, Dariusz Piotrowski used his extremely unusual ability, which consists of swallowing various objects, in order to escape from charges. He was being chased by police officers in Warsaw, Poland, when he managed to hide from the law enforcement officers and swallow the personal belongings he had stolen. The incriminating objects included cigarette lighters, a spoon, a fork, six watches and other items. The man somehow managed to eat all of the items before the police caught him. While he was being held in custody the 39 year old Piotrowski started complaining about his stomach pains and he had to undergo an X-ray.


The shocked policemen and doctors finally found where the thief had hidden the stolen goods!


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