Did you know that A thief thought cancer would help her escape from…


A British woman thought she could get away with stealing money from her employer by hoping cancer would catch up on her. Little did she know the police would actually get to her first…

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Between 2007 and 2014 Shirley Player managed to steal a total of $628, 277 from her employer’s company, Allen & Bath. 61 year old Player worked at the estate agency up until the theft was discovered. As it turned out, the woman had been diagnosed with cancer – the same disease that took the lives of her two sisters. She thought she would die from it before the authorities found out about the stolen money, but she didn’t have such luck. Official reports state that she admitted to the theft and that her lawyer claimed she was doing it out of a wish to financially aid her family.


Player was sentenced to 4 years behind bars and was ordered to pay a $177 fine for her crimes.


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