Did you know that a woman got superglued to a toilet….


Using public toilets can be quite unpleasant. The smell, the bacteria, the filth. But sometimes even those things can’t hold you back if you’re in an urgent need of a toilet. And thanks to her urgent need and a mindless decision, a woman from Georgia learned the hard way that public toilets are a taboo.


The unnamed woman visited a Home Depot store. While shopping, she felt the need to use the bathroom and she attended the store’s one. However, she made one big mistake – she decided to sit on the toilet seat. A prankster had put superglue on the seat and the woman’s skin got glued to the plastic seat. She couldn’t get up and had to rely on the emergency workers, who helped her up. After the unpleasant incident, she was taken to a hospital in order to receive further treatment for her wounded skin.


There are no news on the prankster’s identity.


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