Did you know that a woman in Georgia, after wrecking her car, was saved by a stray dog who…


Few years ago Shannon Lorio, a woman from South Georgia, came close to death when an unexpected hero came to the rescue. Shannon had lost control of her car, which careened down an embankment, and was tossed out through the rear window. She had multiple cuts and bruises and probably wouldn’t have made it to safety on her own.

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A stray German shepherd came out of nowhere, dragged Shannon away from the crashed car and got her safely to the edge of a highway. The dog even let her lean against him in order to wave at a passing motorist. The dog went to a pet shelter and was given the name Hero. After Shannon got out of the hospital, she bought gifts for her saviour – a pillow, a toy and a huge bone.


Hero was put for adoption as a dog for search and rescue work. Shannon herself was very sorry she couldn’t adopt him, because she already had other six dogs. However, she told the press that if she could adopt him, she would have treated him like a king.


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