Did you know that A woman set a man up for a robbery after he took her on a…


McDonald’s is bad for your health, but an unnamed man from Lindenhurst learned it the hard way.
Earlier this year the 26 year old Virginia Miller celebrated her birthday with a date from Lindenhurst, New York.
Miller’s date gave her a box of chocolates and took her out for dinner at McDonalds. After the dinner Miller took her date at a residential home in North Amityville and it wasn’t long before she returned the birthday favor. The woman sent out a text to five friends who came against her date and robbed him. They took his iPhone, wallet, a tablet and beat him down. Furthermore, they even took the box of chocolates.

After the man called 911 to report the robbery, the police was able to track down Miller and three out of the five other accomplices. 21 year old Jamar Christian, 34 year old Michael Owens, 33 year old Rodney Fisher and Miller were arrested were charged with second degree robbery. The two other accomplices were unidentified and are probably still on the run.


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