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Did you know that a woman spent $25k on surgery in order to look like Jennifer…


Jennifer Lawrence, the Oscar-winning actress from The Hunger Games, Silver Lining’s Playbook and The X-Men is without doubt one of the most attractive women alive. Her successful acting career has granted her the Hollywood spotlight, regardless of her embarrassing and vulgar deeds in public.


One of Lawrence’s biggest fans is a 30 year old woman from Houston, Texas, who spent a small fortune on surgery in order to look like her role model. The 30 year old Kitty has been told many times from friends, family and colleagues that she resembles Lawrence’s facial features, but that was never enough for the Texas dog trainer. In order to really look like the 23 year old Hollywood actress, Kitty spent nearly $25,000 on surgery. She got facial and body liposuction, nose surgery, breast augmentation and other surgical procedures in the course of only 4 weeks.


According to Kitty’s surgeon, her new looks are a mix between Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Rabbit. Kitty herself claims that her resemblance to Lawrence is now 100% more visible.


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