Did you know that a Zombie dog was found in….


A little puppy had the worst day in its life, which was meant to be its last day, as well, but a miracle happened and it woke up for a new and happier life.

The puppy, along with 5 other sick puppies, claimed impossible to recover, was given the heaviest possible sentence: a lethal injection. The procedure was executed by a professional vet at the Sulphur Animal Shelter in Oklahoma.

After the puppies were euthanized, they were pronounced dead. Then, a miracle happened as the dog woke up for a new and happier life. A member of the shelter was fascinated by the pup. Now, it has a lot of friends and many people would like to adopt it. Maybe, the pup will soon be a member of a new loving and caring family which will have the hard task to give it a name. ‘Miracle’ sounds good but there are also many other suitable options.


No matter what the name of the dog will be, one thing is certain, miracles do happen in Oklahoma. Let’s hope that they happen not only there but all around the world.


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