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Did you know that according to a Star Trek actress, the Sun revolves around…


In primary school, and even in kinder garden, we learn some of the most important findings regarding psychics, astrology and nature. One of them is the fact that the Earth isn’t flat and it revolves around the Sun. However, that was one lesson Kate Mulgrew probably decided to ditch.


The 58 year old actress rose to stardom after portraying Captain Kathryn Janeway on the popular sci-fi series. Nowadays she’s making it into the headlines after she agreed to narrate a geocentric documentary. The upcoming documentary is based on the theory that the Earth doesn’t revolve around the Sun, but the other way around. This theory was disproven a long time ago, but it appears that there are people who still believe in it. During the trailer for the documentary, Mulgrew explains that everything we thought we knew about our universe is actually wrong.

The upcoming documentary is entitled The Principle.


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