Did you know that an Oregon woman sues Walmart over a shampoo that caused hr hair to get so…


According to almost any female human being, one of the most important parts of her appearances is her hair. And when somebody messes up with it, things can get ugly.

photo for illustration purposes only/source: flickr
photo for illustration purposes only/source: flickr

Jennifer Fahey’s story is a great example. The 30 year old Fahey used to have long hair that reached her backside up until recently when she went to a Walmart store in Portland. The woman bought Equate Everyday Clean Dandruff bottle of shampoo, but regretted her decision shortly after. The shampoo caused enormous knots in her hair, which were impossible to untwine. Fahey’s hair got so entangled that she had to cut most of it. She filed a $10,000 lawsuit against Walmart after losing several feet of hair strands from the back and the top of her hair. The woman’s lawyer stated that the woman’s situation was devastating. According to the lawsuit, Walmart owes her refunds for embarrassment, anxiety, humiliation and even for her loss of will for everyday activities.


The lawsuit also points the shampoo manufacturer, Vi-Jon, as a defendant.


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