Did you know that bees who are drunk with fermented nectar have many more flying accidents than…


It has been proved countless times that apart from humans many of Earth’s inhabitants can get drunk or intoxicated. Bees, for example, can get drunk just like cats, squirrels and monkeys. However, the fate of the drunken bee is less than pleasant.


According to Quite Interesting, drunk bees often find their death. Since the intoxicated bee is often unable to find its way back to the hive, it dies out in the open, probably during a flying accident. But even if the bee finds its way back, it’s not guaranteed the boozy won’t be ill-fated. The Quite Interested article on intoxicated bees states that the sober bees will round the intoxicated one and punish it for its actions by chewing off the legs of the drunken bee.


Furthermore, some bees can get just as aggressive even when alcohol isn’t involved. For example, the female Australian bees can get extremely aggressive when they’re ready to mate. The type of pheromone they release intoxicates the males to such point that they’re willing to fight with each other until there’s only one survivor left, which will mate with the female bee.


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