Did you know that CCTV footage shows a ghost pushing and dragging a man …


Incredible CCTV footage portrays a ghostly figure scaring a man with its violent assault.

The short footage shows a man dressed in dark hoodie walking down a hallway with his back towards the camera. Just as the guy reaches the end of the empty corridor a strange and eerie ghostly figure appears out of nowhere and pushes the man straight to the ground. A moment later the ghost starts dragging the man down the corridor for several seconds before finally letting him go. The petrified man somehow manages to get up on his feet and then takes to his heels down the corridor running towards the camera. While he’s running the ghost dematerializes as quickly as it appeared.

The footage, which is just under a minute long, was uploaded on YouTube. One of the several re-uploads has reached more than 5,000 views in just few days.


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