Did you know that Dennis Rodman sang Happy Birthday to…


The basketball star Dennis Rodman shocked the whole world while singing a Happy Birthday song. His music skills weren’t as stunning as the fact that Rodman greeted none other than Kim Jong Un with his song.

Rodman sang in front of 14,000 people in Pyongyang, North Korea, while dressed in a blue jersey and sunglasses over his eyes. The rest of the team clapped while looking uncomfortable and probably a little bit scared, according to a Global Post report. Another shocking fact from the basketball match is that this has to be the very first official confirmation of Jong Un’s birthday, since his birthdate has been kept in secret. Rodman also greeted the Korean dictator referring to him as his best friend, only weeks after Jong Un had ordered the execution of his own uncle.
According to the report, Rodman’s performance was more than shocking, but his game – rather negligent.


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