Did you know that If you don’t want to spend your monthly salary on an iPhone 6…


Do you think the newest Apple tech toy is gaining more attention than it deserves? Are you tired of reading or hearing about the ah-mazing, incredible, shiny new iPhone 6? Do you think it’s just a waste of money? Then you’ll probably grow fond of its $30 alternative.

Hotuk Deals is currently advertising a product as a cheaper, better and safer version of the smartphone. The add states that the product will never be stolen, its battery will last up to 3 weeks, it can be easily placed in a pocket or a purse because of its small size and it can be easily operated using only one hand. And it costs only about $32 USD, including its top-up!

What’s the catch? The product is actually a Nokia 106. All laughs apart – these phones really had long lasting batteries and were drop resistant. Unfortunately, as cool a retro design or product can be, it will never beat modern technology.


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