Did you know that in 2005 a woman married a do…


Have you ever come across the phrase “crazy in love”? Apparently the one who came up with the expression wasn’t exaggerating, because there’s indeed such a condition. Just open Google and type the name “Sharon Tendler”.


Somewhere in the early 1990s Sharon, who’s originally from the UK, went to an Israeli resort where she fell in love with Cindy. However, Cindy was no ordinary potential partner – Cindy was a dolphin. Apparently Sharon was so crazy in love with the mammal that she spent the upcoming decade trying to get Cindy to love her back. Finally, the year of 2005 saw the very first marriage between a porpoise and a human as the British millionaire married Cindy. Unfortunately for Sharon, Cindy died in 2006, only six months after their wedding.


Internet users all over the world have been speculating over Sharon’s sanity or lack thereof ever since the story broke out.


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