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Did you know that Jackie Stallone will predict your future for $600 and a picture of your…


Jackie, the mother of Sylvester Stallone, has done many things : from dancing to promoting women’s wrestling. Nowadays she’s a fortune teller.

Mrs. Stallone says she’s experienced in rumpology. Rumpology is a way of telling the future by reading someone’s features. The tricky part is it’s not actually reading their palm or face but their rear end instead. According to Jackie, she’s the only one who predicted Bush’s victory during the presidential elections several years ago. She’ll tell you the secrets of your own future for $600 and a picture of your derriere. Mrs. Stallone also claims she can foretell the future by communicating with dogs.


She states that anyone can see her talent for themselves if they don’t believe in rumpology as she can read people by their rear’s dimples, crevices, moles or wards. All you need to do is send her a picture of your behind along with $600 and your future will no longer be a mystery to you.


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