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Did you know that Judge had to tell a father to stop e-mailing his kids in CAPS…


During an Internet correspondence hitting the Caps Lock usually means you’re so furious that you feel the need to shout the message instead of write it down in the old fashioned way. And apparently doing it consistently means you’re committing a crime.

source: Internet
source: Internet

According to official reports, an Israeli father of two recently had dealings with a High Court judge thanks to his love for capital letters. The unnamed man constantly wrote e-mails in capital letters to his children, which resulted in the court reviewing his actions as to the equivalent of shouting and yelling to his kids. The man’s 9 year old daughter and 13 year old son are traveling back and forth to the UK and Israel while their father is in a custody dispute. Apart from telling the man to stop “shouting” to his children in e-mails, the judge also advised the guy to work on his relationship with the kids from distance.


The reports state that the judge also enhanced on the fact that the mother has to work on her relationship with the father for the sake of the children.


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