Did you know that Lindsay Lohan is planning on writing the ultimate expose in the face of…


Just when you thought the washed up actress-turned-singer Lindsay Lohan can’t surprise you anymore, she strikes again. And this time she’s planning on bringing down as many people as possible.

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Lindsay’s plans are to write an ultimate expose on all the A-list players in her life. Since the media has covered each of her rehab visits, each of her arrests and each of her jail vacations, she’s planning on telling her version of the story by bringing down as many people as possible. The 28 year old drama queen, who’s the worst possible example of how fame and fortune can ruin a person, has already been to several meetings with huge publishers in the UK. According to official reports, Lindsay is ready to write a biography that will explain just how badly celebs like Justin Timberlake, James Franco, Collin Farrell and others got involved in her life. And she won’t hold back on all the dirty details!


The reports state that Lindsay wants to hire a ghost writer and she’s setting her sight on E.L. James and J. K. Rowling. 


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