Did you know that Pamela Anderson wrote a poem about…


Pamela Anderson is the queen of the year-long Hollywood marriages. Ever since she divorced Tommy Lee from Motley Crue in 1998, she has had three subsequent marriages which all lasted only a year.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

The 47 year old Canadian actress married her latest ex-spouse Rick Salomon back in 2007 and got an annulment the next year. They married again earlier this year and Pamela couldn’t even wait until 2015 to divorce Salomon again. And this time she told the whole world what a big mistake she had made in marrying him by penning a poem. She posted the poem – almost 1,200 words long – on her Facebook page and told the rest of the world that she knew marrying Salomon was a bad idea from the very beginning. She blamed his money and the high expectations for their failed romance. Not only that, but she also shared that no man on this planet knows how to deal with her.


Or at least Salomon, Tommy Lee, Marcus Schenkenberg and Kid Rock didn’t know… 


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