Did you know that people in 4014 will be deaf, bald and…


Scientists all around the world have spent their lives trying to understand the complexities of the human race. And while it might seem that some scientists, historians and researchers are more focused on the past, one group of scientists have made a shocking conclusion regarding our future descendants.
The group of scholars based in Los Angeles, California, was able to construct a portrait of the human being living in the distant 4014. It might come as a shock, but by the looks of it, humanity is nowhere near the peak of its evolution. 2000 years in the future people will look repulsive and grotesque. According to the scientists, radiation will cause total baldness and a sense of smell may be a thing of the past. Furthermore, the future human will also be mute and deaf, since the scholars believe people will communicate only though telepathy, so language will become useless and die out.


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