Did you know that people who believe in paranormal are more likely to…


Are you a fan of Ghost Hunters? Are you fond of supernatural stories? Do you believe in ghosts? If your answer to all of the above is “Yes”, then you just might have your own paranormal experience one day.


A study conducted in 1994 proved that people who believe in ghosts are likely to see one, well, anywhere. British psychologists Rachel Moore and Susan Blackmore were interested in ghosts and how people’s perception on ghosts. Armed with several black and white images, which were distorted and altered by computer-generated noise, Moore and Blackmore had 30 participants from the University of Bristol describe what they saw. Some of them swore they saw certain images and faces on the photographs, even though there was actually nothing on them. The two psychologists interviewed the participants on their perception on ghosts and whether or not they believed in the supernatural. Of course, those who saw faces and figures actually believed in ghosts, so they saw them.
Moore and Blackmore called this occurrence Pareidolia.


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