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Back in 2012 The Amazing Spiderman earned Andrew Garfield a modest $500,000. However, it also made him a successful household name and landed him right in the Hollywood spotlight as the new face of the notorious Peter Parker.

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Earlier this year The Amazing Spiderman 2 hit theaters all around the globe. However, the production company didn’t quite get what they were expecting out of the second movie in the franchise, led to a decision, which will surely disappoint fans of Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield and the famous Marvel superhero. As it turns out, since the movie didn’t really live up to its hype, Sony, who is producing the movie, decided to release two other spin-offs that are part of The Amazing Spiderman franchise. The first one, Sinister Six, will come out in 2016. The original plan was to release the third movie about the beloved superhero in 2016, but Sony has decided to actually postpone it until 2018.


Regardless of the modest income from the second movie, the third one is still going to happen. And besides, what is four years of waiting for a truly devoted fan?


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