Did you know that the Lenovo's CEO reciever a $3m bonus which he in-turn restributed to about 10,000…


Yang Yuanqing is Lenovo’s chief executive officer and chairman. He has achieved great success with the company and has turned Lenovo into the best-selling brand of personal computers in China since 1997. His achievements haven’t gone unnoticed. In 2001 he was defined as one of the rising stars of the Asian business world.


Yang was CEO and president of Lenovo until 2004, and after a five-year break he again became CEO of the company in 2009.

In 2012 Yang’s achievements were awarded with a bonus amounting to $3 million. Yang decided that employees of Lenovo also deserved a bonus, so he distributed the money amongst the 10,000 people working in the company. This was his way of rewarding his employees for their efforts. The amount each employee received was approximately $314, which is an average monthly salary in China.


In 2013 Yang again received a bonus of $3.25 million, which he once again distributed to the employees.


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