Did you know that The Walking Dead earns $8m per…


The Walking Dead gained huge attention from its very first episode, which aired in 2010. The horror/drama TV series tell the story of a police officer, who is trying to lead a group of survivors through a world infected by zombies.


According to reports, the first season of the series was so popular that it cost the producers $3.4 million per each episode. Even though the show is still standing strong, it looks like the ACM have decided to lower its costs, reducing them to $2.8 million per episode. The show is being filmed on various locations, it’s using countless extras and some heavy zombie make up. Nevertheless, it looks like all these expenses are nothing compared to the solid $8 million ACM is earning per each episode.


The Walking Dead is currently airing its 4th season and according to its official IMDb page, it will be renewed for a 5th season.


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