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Did you know that there are companies that offer you $1m to…


Are you sick of having tedious jobs, boring assignments and absolutely no fun at your workplace? Now you have the chance to put all of that behind you.

copyrights: and Luxury Travel Intelligence have teamed up and are currently accepting applications for a huge 12 month long project. The job is simple – travel and write about it. However, there’s a catch – you’ll have to travel to the most luxurious spots around the globe, visiting the most expensive restaurants, hotels and clubs. You’ll research the lives of the rich and famous first hand. And most of all, you’ll be doing it for a whole year and completely free of charge. Luxury Travel Intelligence and will be in charge of the $1 million trip, and the Maldives, Miami and Venice are just 3 destinations they’ll be sending you to over the course of the year-long project.
Applications are being accepted until the end of April 2014. The suitable candidate will be able to write well, give proper feedback and know what to expect from the best of the best.


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