Did you know that there is a conflict between the left and right parts of the brain when…


Your brain is split into two halves, more technically known as, hemispheres. Most of the time, the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body and the right hemisphere controls your body’s left side.



In the “game” above, your right hemisphere tries to say the color out loud but, your right side of the brain interrupts and says the word you are reading. This will put a slower pace on the process.
The right side of your brain is used for recognizing faces, visual imagery, spatial ability, and music. People sometimes call the right hemisphere “The Creative Brain.” The left hemisphere of the brain is known as “The Logical Brain.” It is responsible for logic, numbers, words, lists and analysis.
You may have heard the terms “left brained” or “right brained.” If someone says they are left brained is said to be more logical, objective and analytical. If someone says they are right brained they are said to thoughtful, intuitive, and subjective.
The part of the brain that holds these two halves together is called the Corpus Callosum. It is a thick band of nerve fibers that hold both sides together.


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