Did you know that there's an app that can help you park your…


Are you scared of hitting a pedestrian, a street sign or another car each time you have to park your vehicle? Are you sick of the beeping parktronic? You can finally relax, because there’s a new app, which will park your car for you.


Earlier this week Bosch, the worldwide engineering and electronics company, displayed their newest invention at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show. It’s called Driverless Car Experience and it’s a mobile phone application for reckless and insecure drivers. The Driverless Car Experience app allows the user to park their car without worrying about a possible road accident. The app works with parallel and bay parking. All it needs is a virtual image and it will do the rest of the parking without damaging the car or its surroundings. Furthermore, the user can choose between staying behind the wheel and stepping out of the vehicle while the app is doing its magic trick. The amazing application will be available for purchasing in 2015.



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