Did you know that this amazing slow-motion video show what happens when…


Slow motion videos are always astonishing to watch. And YouTube’s Slow Mo Guys channel is a huge hit among people all over the world for the same reason. Back in 2013 these guys made an ah-mazing video of a bullet fired under water.

How can a bullet be fired under water? Since the gunpowder is actually contained in the sealed bullet cartridge it doesn’t get wet and can still ignite even under water unless the casing is somehow damaged. The rest of the firing process goes exactly the same as usual. However, the water environment makes the sighting much more fascinating. The fired bulled releases a certain amount of gas from the gun’s propellant, which expands under the water’s surface. It creates a number of bubbles and an underwater explosion, which looks amazing in slow motion.


The Slow Mo Guys have done another outstanding job at slowing down the footage up to 1000 times. The video was uploaded in late 2013 and it has reached more than 11 million views on YouTube.


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