Did you know that two news anchors were forced to hide under a desk when an…


A news anchor experienced the shock of his life when a 4.4 earthquake hit his studio in Los Angeles while he was broadcasting on live TV. And as if being hit by an earthquake isn’t stressful enough, the guy’s day was made even worse when his colleague acted extremely calm as if she wasn’t caught off guard.

Chris Schauble realized the camera equipment at the studio was shaking while his colleague Megan Henderson was reading the evening news. The petrified man didn’t even bother hiding his fear on live TV as he ran for cover under the massive desk in front of him. On the other hand, his colleague Megan looked extremely calm and untroubled by the disastrous earthquake as she also found cover under the desk. While Megan kept her composure after the earthquake, the news reports were handed over to another reporter who confirmed he had felt the tremors shortly after.


Schaube might have gotten petrified by the events, but he fearlessly admitted on Twitter that his colleague was better in keeping self-control in such situations.


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