Did you know that you can die if you have insomnia, but…


There is a very rare and mysterious disease, known as fatal familial insomnia, which is characterized by complete lack of sleep ending in death. The symptoms of the disease include severe insomnia, muteness, and unresponsiveness. After several months, sufferers die because they are completely exhausted.


The writer D.T. Max tells the story of an Italian family who developed this disease that took away their ability to sleep. As we all know, our bodies need sleep in order to function properly. However, as these people couldn’t sleep at all, they started suffering from a number of symptoms, including inability to control various autonomic systems like sweating. All symptoms that occur are a result from the total lack of sleep.


D.T. Max believes that there are about 200 families in the world suffering from fatal familial insomnia. Unfortunately, the disease can’t be cured and always ends fatally.


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