Did you know This woman landed in jail for not mowing…


Of all the reasons you could get jailed inEast Tennessee, this woman scored the most ridiculous one.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

According to official reports, a judge sentenced Karen Holloway to 5 days behind bars because she hadn’t mowed her lawn. The mother of two, who works full time, received a notice last year regarding the poor state of her yard. However, Karen, her husband and their two children have extremely busy schedules and just couldn’t find the time to mow and tidy up their unflattering lawn. Therefore, Karen landed herself behind bars. Fortunately, her sentence was reduced to only 6 hours, instead of 5 full days. According to her, the court’s decision wasn’t fair as she wasn’t breaking any laws and she certainly wasn’t a criminal.


After the unpleasant 6 hours she had to spend behind bars, she vowed to ask family friends to help her tidy up her lawn.


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