Did you know when your born you don't have developed knee caps that's why….


Have you ever wondered why babies crawl instead of walk? Some people say they don’t have knee caps in order to stand up straight and walk like adults, which is false. On the other hand, the common assumption that their body isn’t developed yet is quite a relative answer.

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Newborn babies and toddlers have everything an adult has – limbs, brain, essential body parts. However, they can’t learn how to use their body with the snap of someone’s fingers. Everything takes a time – reasonable thinking, talking, potty-chair training. And walking.


Most toddlers learn how to walk before their first birthday. However, that doesn’t mean their kneecaps are fully formed at this early age. The majority of the baby’s body is still a cartilage. With time the cartilage grows and changes to a solid bone. The kneecap cartilage forms into a bone in three to six years, depending on the baby’s gender and the amount of calcium the baby receives.


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