Stephen King once donated $1.2 million to the construction of a baseball stadium with one single strange condition


Stephen King is famous for many things. The 67 year old author’s horror books are classics and bestsellers, his non-fiction books are also award-winning and he’s also a big political activist, a film director and a screenwriter. As well as that, he was very generous during the construction of the Mansfield Stadium located in Bangor, Maine.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia



Back in 1992 the Mansfield Stadium was still in its construction phase. King and his wife, Tabitha King, decided to donate to the construction on a single condition – that the electronic score board would be built in such a location that it could be seen from the window of Stephen’s home office so that he could always know the results. The Kings donated $1.2 million to the baseball stadium shortly after expressing their wish. Ten years after the donation, during a game in 2002, Stephen was awarded with the chance to throw the very first pitch during the opening game for the Senior League Baseball World Series. He accepted.
Not only was he honored with the first pitch, but he also received an honorable monument in the shape of a baseball home plate.


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